Interaction Design – Toilet Sign – A Study

Bathroom door sign design a user view study

I came across the above picture on Science Dump which made me think – Will this really work on people?

To know the answer I put the question to the wonderful people of – Put Me In Touch – a Facebook group for asking anything and everything.

Here is a screenshot of the question that was put to them.

Interactive Design Usecase Study

I received an overwhelming response. 262 people commented on the post. The responses varied from logical to non-sense! Here is a rundown of the metric that I derived out of it.
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Discovery Of the Month – Light Blaster

Ilko Allexandroff  photography

The above photo taken by  Ilko Allexandroff introduced me to Light Blaster. It is a strobe-based image projector.

Light blaster a strobe-based image projector

People are using it for creating interesting backgrounds where there is none. A quick google search produces a lot of interesting images. The following image is from Von Wong.

Von Wong Photography Light Blaster Image

Light Blaster Video

Cheapest Flash with High Speed Sync – A Study

Flashes with High Speed Sync

Auto FP High Speed Sync is a feature that is good to have in a Flash. So I went around looking for flashes that support this feature from an economical impact view.

There exist only 3 options currently.

1. Yongnuo YN568EX FP Sync Up To 1/8000s Flash For Nikon for $166.99

2. Sigma EF-610 DG Super Flash for $225

3. Nikon SB-600 for Rs. 14,150/-

4. Nikon SB-700 for $330

Bonus Video

List of Nikon Auto-FP supported Models

• Nikon SC-28 Off-Camera iTTL Cord (only if your camera and flash supports Auto-FP)
• Nikon SC-29 Off-Camera iTTL Cord (only if your camera and flash supports Auto-FP)
• Nikon SU-800 (only if your camera and flash supports Auto-FP)
• NIkon SB-600
• Nikon SB-700
• Nikon SB-800
• Nikon SB-900
• Nikon SB-910
• Nikon SB-R200
• Nikon SB-28DX
• Nikon SB-80DX
• Nikon D80
• Nikon D90
• Nikon D7000
• Nikon D7100
• Nikon D200
• Nikon D300-Series
• Nikon D600
• Nikon D700
• Nikon D800-Series
• Nikon D2-Series
• Nikon D3-Series
• Nikon D4-Series

Rohith Ravi – How I Made That Shot

rohith ravi interview by antzFxWay

Rohit Ravi‘s works are an inspiration. When I talked to him for an interview, I had forgotten to ask the details of this shot. Amends made now.


This image was shot at Cherai Beach,Cochin on new year day morning. We started the shoot early in the morning and this was one of the last shots at around 9AM.


The camera was set on manual exposure – 1/250, f/7.1 and ISO 100. Flash was set off-camera using Yongnuo 622C HSS trigger and my assistant was pointing it at the couple. I used a Camera 6D with 24-70mm f/2.8 lens for this photo.

Reality Check

The first post in antzFxWay was published on May 2008. It’s been 6 years since we have been making our presence in the web.

Our own voice

Initially, it was antzfx‘s effort that ran the blog. 6 months down the line, fullfx - me, realized that I can contribute too to the blog in a meaningful way. Since then, between us, we have published 182 posts in total.

New Friends

We have met new people, made new friends, interacted with masters in their respective field during these years. It has been exciting and most rewarding to us.


antzfxway analytics

For all the effort that was put into making new content, it is disconcerting to see the response being somewhat lukewarm. The Bounce rate is alarming. So is Avg. Session Duration. So is every other metric.


To put the above metric into perspective, lets analyze the growth of a somewhat similar site. dPS started its operation two years before us. Now they are inside the first 5,000 most visited sites. We are placed north of 16 lakhs by the same system of ranking.


Over the years we were quick to justify the poor performance citing our commitment for creating great content as opposed to creating popular content. But I now realize that it is just an excuse for not trying harder. The real reason for the lack of growth is that somewhere along the lines, we lost passion. We stopped making great content on a regular basis.

Looking forward

I know that the trick is to keep trying; more vigorously than before. Faith, more than hope, should drive us forward.

In that positive note, let me thank you all for the faith and encouragement you have shown us over the years.


Praveen P Mohandas – How I Made That Shot

Praveen P Mohandas explains How I Made That Shot

Earlier we have featured an interview with the talented wild life photographer, Praveen P Mohandas. His works still amazes me to no end. His works are never an insane close up of an animal; rather they convey a sense of time and space. The image above is another example of his unique vision.


“The image was made at Kole Wetlands, Thrissur, Kerala. The image was taken just after sunset with the last glow of the sun in the sky. The birds were having their last feed of the day in a small irrigation canal from where they pump water for the fields. As the pumping progresses, the fish in the canal comes to the surface and whiskered terns and egrets come in large numbers to feed on then.”
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Reflectors – Smaller the Better

Reflector 12Inch

The commonly available reflectors are of the size 30 inches. But I wanted a 12 Inch reflector. I was quizzed by a friend of mine as to why I was trying to buy a small reflector compared to the bigger ones.

I blurted out – easy to carry around. That raised many a number of questions.

Why a small one – in particular?

Reflector 12 Inch Comparison

[Left] 12 Inch reflector folded into a case [Right] 12 Inch reflector placed on top of 30 Inch reflector

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Silence of The Bridge – How I made that shot

Silence of the Bridge - Ernakulam Bridge

Light trails always held a fascination to me. So when I bought a DSLR, the first thing I wanted to try was creating a light trail.


1. A bridge
2. Camera
3. Wide angle lens (I used my Tamron 18-250mm at its 18mm end)
4. Tripod
5. Courage
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Bokehlicious Smile – How I made that shot


Remember the article – The sweet angle? This shot was taken keeping those learnings in mind.


The building opposite was in celebration – a lot of colored light bulbs decorated the entire building. Once the sun went down, the lights created a melange of colors.


1. A patient wife
2. Camera
3. External Flash unit
4. Small wall mounted mirror
5. A building decorated with color bulbs for creating the bokeh
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