Achim Katzberg – Get out and shoot

Achim Katzberg Interview by antzFxWay

Achim Katzberg, hailing from Mainz, Germany, is a curious mix of a photographer. He is specialized in street and reporting photography along with architecture photography. Its the last aspect of his work that caught my eye in the first place.

He says, “My street photography reflects my great love for people and life in general as well as my fascination for architecture and design. I love to show people in the urban environment in strong compositions.” His works stand as a testimony to his passion. We are super excited to introduce him to our readers.

Achim Katzberg Interview Achim Katzberg
Portfolio | Facebook | Flickr
Technique: Architecture

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Nirmal Harindran – Smartly Invisible

Nirmal Harindran Interview on antzFxWayy

Nirmal Harindran has an uncanny eye for spotting the shot, as is evident from his works. Hailing from the city of looms and lores, Kannur, Kerala, Nirmal is a no-nonsense photographer who knows what he wants to do and achieve. Here we are in talks with the talented photographer about his vision, works and mode-of-operation.

Nirmal Harindran Interview Nirmal Harindran
Facebook | 500px
Technique: Travel

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Sam Issac – Handy Macros

Sam Issac Macro Photographer Interview

Sam Issac is a man of very few words. He is a self taught macro photographer from Kerala, INDIA. His clean, bokeh-full works caught my eyes. As it turned out, his style and execution of shots are entirely different from the other macro photographers I have interviewed.

Sam Isaac Macro Photographer Interview Sam Issac
Facebook | Flickr
Technique: Macro

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DSLR Tip — Aperture, Focus and Shutter Speed

Guest Author 

Cristina Beltran

Cristina Beltran is a blogger & writer at CompareHero . She is interested in delivering quality contents in various fields of photography.

Excited about that new DSLR you bought? You should!

With a DSLR, you get a higher level of control than with a regular point-and-shoot camera. Even though a DSLR also has an auto function, which makes it work like a regular point-and-shoot, you can take better pictures when you control the settings of your camera. Let’s look at some ways for you to unlock the many functions of your DSLR so you can take your photo skills up a few notch.

ApertureAperture, Focus and Shutter Speed

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Cartoon time!


I have created a few cartoons in the past months. Sometimes, the idea just comes to you. The only thing you need to do is execute it well. But most of the time, I waited patiently and searched the whole web for an idea spark. Today, let us see the style evolution of my creations.

WARNING: Technology jokes – Not all can appreciate them!
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