Forum: My nine posts in 2009

Whenever I see an interesting advertisement or related information in web, I usually share it with some of my friends who have similar interests through e-mail or tweet. One day in June – 2009, I happened to visit the forum of

I said to myself: “Here are some people who are genuinely interested about ads.” Then I started posting some articles in this forum. This blog post is entirely dedicated to nine posts authored by me in Forum in the year 2009. These nine posts discuss art, advertisements, animation film…

1. Photoshop is helping “you!”

2. ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’

3. Color! Or is it ColoUr?

4. Inspiring — I hope one day I too will be doing this!

5. Darth Vader in our life

6. Devil, will you return (again)?

7. Careful when you park your car!

8. “Tell me, what was your first design?”

9. HP: Student work in response to D&AD Student Awards brief

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