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Can you please tell me what should one have do to be a good product designer. I mean, what are the prerequisites for entering M.Des. course like what software I should know, what books I should read ? I would be thankful for any help you give.

I’m a software professional who is keenly interested in product design and hoping to pursue it by taking up the CEED & DAT exams in Jan’11. Since you guys are also involved in the same area, I was therefore wondering whether any of you could answer a few of my questions about the test and maybe provide some tips, if any..

These are samples of CEED (Common Entrance Examination for Design) or M.Des. (Master in Design) related questions that we often receive. Well, here goes my answer…

Coaching for CEED

As far as I know, there are no authentic coaching centers for CEED or for any other Design entrance exams. But there are a few people who say that they can give you the required coaching like the one mentioned in this website or this one. But if you happen to get a postal coaching from them, you’ll only receive the following books and they will charge a lot of money for them.

Both of these can be bought off the shelf from the nearest Crossword, Landmark or any other good book store. After that, it is just a matter of sitting down and practicing. Still if you think that coaching centers can help you, then send a mail to them and see what they say.

CEED Preparation

The only preparation for CEED is ‘practice.’ So buy the books that I mentioned earlier and start sketching. It will improve your visualizing skills. For the design thinking, buy and read some of the following books:

Besides these, you’ll have have a lot of websites that will tell you about the various fields of Design.  My suggestion is to try focusing on the design stream that interests you. There are Product Design and Engineering, Industrial Design, Visual Communication, Animation, Interaction design and Mobility and Vehicle Design at IITs and IISc Bangalore. Visit the website ‘The World of Design in India‘ that tells you all that you need to know about the design streams available in India.

Also, you can look at the following websites to see the quality of professional work that is expected from people who are in the design industry:

Don’t worry if you are not as good as some of those guys. They have acquired a lot of experience, but you are just starting out. Just find your idol, try to become better than him. If you practice daily, you will be really good for CEED exam.

Cracking CEED

The only way is ‘Practice.’ Find a stream of design of your choice, read about it, find the experts and try to better them. Practice sketching the objects around you. To know more about the examination and M.Des., visit IIT Bombay’s CEED website and download the last year’s question paper. You’ll know the kind of questions that are asked and what you need to do.

Following are the institutions where Master in Design courses are held.

All the best!

Additional Reading

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by Kriss Szkurlatowski, Poland
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Egg in C-Clamp by Shaun W, New York

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is a Product Designer from IISc Bangalore. He is also a talented character designer. Pankaj tweets in Twitter as @PankajDesign.

23 thoughts on “Seed ideas for CEED — Tips from a designer”

  1. Hii.. This is sampath.
    Your ideas, explanations, and the guidance leads me to a peak of levels.. And thanks for the DO’S and DON’TS..
    But i need the statistics also..
    Can u plz provide me the scores..
    Which one is the best score out 100. I know the evaluation criteria is based on the percentile..
    But you can provide me the scores out of 100 coz u r seniors.
    I will read nd practice the books as per ur valuable guidance.

    Thanking you!

  2. @Sampath: As antzFx says, for 2007, a score of 70 out of 100 fetched 99 percentile. it may be a little lower this year because of more and more people attempting CEED.

    So keep practicing. A score of 65 -70 will get you through, but you can always do better and secure your chances.
    All the best!

  3. Thank you for your updates.. I have more doubts.
    Is there sufficient time to give colors to my sketches in exam..

    And my second question is – which method of coloring is the best to suits the PAPER.. That’s papermate pens or crayons or sketch pens or r there any different pens to give colors to my sketches?

  4. @Sampath: contrary to popular belief, pencil sketches are the ones that convey the most detail. colour is just an additional enabler. For the exam you’ll not have time to make good coloured sketches if you have the average speed.

    So my suggestion is – stick with pencils only. You can use a black pen for outlines but that’s it. Try to convey just the necessary detail. That’s enough for CEED. Me and, if I’m not wrong, antzfx, we both used only pencils during our CEED test.

  5. @Srinivasan, Yes you can use colour. However, I’ll urge you to read my other comment regarding colouring in the test paper.

  6. hi i am shrikant… i am qualified in CEED with
    AIR 232…i am in OBC………
    now i am preprin for further process…..i need your guidance in mkin ma portfolio…….
    wld u plz tell me how to getthr it….

  7. Hi.. im Arshad.. i cleared CEED with AIR 113.. please let me know how to get through the DAT and interview.
    your guidance regarding making a portfolio is appreciated.


    1. Congrats! Thank you for writing in.

      DAT at IISc includes some technical questions mainly from Mechanical Engineering. All the people will be interviewed regardless of your score in DAT. In the interview, explain one of your works in detail, right from concept to execution. The panel will ask questions based on your explanation.

  8. Hi,
    Just wanted to know your opinion regarding the quality of d-schools in India.
    How would you rate the design schools (IDC, NID, CPDM) when it comes to emphasis on practical approach to product design and development and industrial design?

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Hi ! This was really helpful.
    Also, could you please guide a little about the design institutes abroad, and how feasible it is to apply for them?
    Thanking you.

  10. hi im Atul,
    im goin to attend ma ceed exam for the first time and im bit scrwd hearing its hard to qualify in the frst go..
    can i do smthin to end up getting a good score in ma frst attempt?

  11. hello sir.
    your blog sites are so informative and inspiring.
    Thanks for spending time in this. It helped me a lot.

    I need a bit of assistance.
    I am final year Civil Engineering sturent from CUSAT, Kerala.I am pretty much interested in the creative section, than this construction engineering side. I would like to go for a PG course in interior design. Is there any institute that gives a masters degree in this field? Which are the best and how to crack them?
    How to know more about interior designing and to get into this field?

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