Solving the kitchen problem – Vegetable Cutter

Kitchen Knife and cutting board

[UpdateSolved the kitchen problem – Vegetable Cutter]

Every house hold starts with this setup. Although this is a cost effective unit, it doesn’t contribute much to reduce the time that it takes to chop the vegetables.

So you look on the internet for alternatives.

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Invention of the week – Oil Can for Kitchen

Oil Can using Pril - 02

Used Pril bottles double as an excellent container for keeping cooking oil. Not any Pril bottle can be used for this purpose. But only the ones that have the nozzle shown above. Bottles like these are not good for this use.


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I love CATIA Cars!

Lamborghini on road
I love cars. I like to draw and ‘invent’ new models of cars.

Recently, I started the surface modeling of a car using CATIA — a 3D Engineering software. Today I am attempting to give a ‘crash course’ on making your own cars in CATIA. If some of you started asking questions on this subject, I will be very happy as my mission is accomplished.

You can click on the images for a larger view.

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Spicing up your Design Portfolio — Tips from a designer

Hi there, how have you guys been?

The other day, while screening portfolios of prospective designers for my employers, I spotted a lot of problems and irrelevant data. Then I realized that I too have committed mistakes in presenting my work as a portfolio. Then I determined to jot down some general guidelines on the preparation of an effective product design portfolio. I am sure that these points will help you to ‘wow’ your prospective employers.

So here goes everything….

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Design — LED Solar Lantern

‘SunFlow’ is an LED (Light Emitting Diode) Solar Lantern designed and prototyped by Geo Paul and I. The lamp on the left (Orange color) is a 3D rendered model and the one on the right (Yellow color) is the final working prototype.
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