DSLR Tip — Aperture, Focus and Shutter Speed

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Cristina Beltran

Cristina Beltran is a blogger & writer at CompareHero . She is interested in delivering quality contents in various fields of photography.

Excited about that new DSLR you bought? You should!

With a DSLR, you get a higher level of control than with a regular point-and-shoot camera. Even though a DSLR also has an auto function, which makes it work like a regular point-and-shoot, you can take better pictures when you control the settings of your camera. Let’s look at some ways for you to unlock the many functions of your DSLR so you can take your photo skills up a few notch.

ApertureAperture, Focus and Shutter Speed

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Afterthought – Things I should have taken care while purchasing my DSLR

After two years since owning my first DSLR, I am slowly realizing the mistakes (the simple ones) that I made while making my purchase.

I hope the following notes will help you keep away from making the same mistakes.

Sandisk Extreme Class 10 4GB SDHC 30MBps card

Memory cards

When I was making my purchase of a DSLR, I was least worried about memory cards. I just went with whatever card the seller gave me. My only consideration at that point in time was the storage capacity of the card.

I regret that now. Because I completely overlooked the speed aspect.

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Ring Flash – Discovery of the Month

Ring Flash A discussion

The other day I stumbled upon a cool gadget called Ring Flash.

These flashes, as the name suggests, produce a circular flash of light. Its most important characteristic is providing even illumination with few shadows visible in the photograph, as the origin of the light is very close to (and surrounds) the optical axis of the lens.

Ring flashes are popular among fashion, macro and portrait photographers.

There are two models that caught my eye.

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Nikon D90 – I didn’t know I could do that!

Recently I was having a conversation about D90 with a friend of mine who also owns one. It came as a surprise to me when I learned that he was missing out on some of the biggest features D90 offered. Here is a compilation of the things that we discussed.

DOF preview

nikon d90 dof buttonThe very first thing this body has in store for you is DOF Preview button on the front side of the body towards the right side of the lens.

Pressing this button will tell the camera to set the aperture at the selected level, allowing you to see what the shot will look like in the view finder – particularly the depth of field. This enables you to see how much of your image is in focus sharply.

source – dPs

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A n00b’s note on photography

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sreeraj rajendran

Sreeraj Rajendran is a self-confessed “nerd” who is currently doing postgraduate study at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. He got hooked to photography influenced allegedly by the devil himself. Follow his Flickr stream here.

I am just an absolute beginner in the field of photography. I am neither an artist nor had a passion for photography. Most of my friends ask me, “How come a techie like you jumped into the world of photography? “ It would be a nice lie if I tell them, “I was very much interested in photography from my childhood. Now I got an opportunity.”

But in reality, photography is about enjoying the moments that I see and sharing the same feel to my friends without losing its natural flavor.

Let me explain some of the good qualities that photography brings to your life.


sreeraj rajendran photography

You will really start analysing moments in life and foresee some of them. During a train journey you may start playing with a kid sitting nearby, who was a perfect stranger five minutes ago and in the next moment you will start predicting when she/he is going to give a cute smile which will become an awesome portrait in your collection.

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50mm lens – I didn’t know I could do that

We are continuing the series – I didn’t know I could that – with 50mm lens.

50 mm lens - I didnt know I could do that

50 mm f/1.8 lens is a cheap good quality prime lens. I use it for taking portraits and headshots. There are many aspects of a 50mm lens that goes unnoticed. We will start with the obvious ones.

Focusing Ring

50 mm lens - I didnt know I could do that

As the name suggests, the focusing ring helps to change the focusing of the lens. If camera is on AF (Auto Focus) mode, the focusing is done by the camera. If set to M (Manual) mode, the ring has to worked by the photographer.

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Ten Questions you should be asking every photographer

Right Questions to be asked while interviewing photographers

Update – dPs published this article on September 11, 2012.

Over the last two years, I had the privilege of interacting with many talented photographers from around the world discussing their work, vision and style of photography.

My first ‘victim’ was Jyothy Karat – a photo documenter. I wanted a set of compelling and illuminating questions that could help a newbie start. But I had no clue as to what I should be asking. No amount of googling did help either.

But little did I realize at that time that I had the opportune blessing of being both ignorant and curious about photography. I sat down thinking about the questions that I wanted to be answered and clarified. After an hour or so, I did come up with some interesting questions.

Given below are a handful of questions that I use as a starter on every photographer that I interview.

Q. What kind of gear do you use?

a. Camera body –
b. Lens –
c. Tripod –
d. Filters –
e. Flash –
f. Camera bag –
g. Mention others, if any.

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Use CD/DVD cover to create an album

I did a casual shoot of a beautiful couple last week. While brainstorming for an idea to present the photos as an album in a unique and cost effective way, I got the idea of a DVD album with a beautifully printed cover art.
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The Sweet Angle – Portrait Photography

Anybody can take a great looking photo of a great looking face. But only an experienced photographer can identify the best features of a face and use it to make the subject look better.

While I was experimenting with my face, taking mug shots of mine, I noticed that I have a face-angle in which I looked at my most flattering (which isn’t much, but still 🙂 ). But I quickly realized that this should be applicable to any face.

There is a “sweet” angle for all us. Photogenic wise, I mean !

 – aneeskA

To illustrate my point, look at the photos of Nikhita from various angles captured by the photographers Deepthi Indukuri and Amardeep Singh.

Pose 1

The Sweet Angle - Nikhitha Pose 1

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