CUBIC — Mosquito liquidator machine

Update on 23-Jul-2009
This design was submitted to the ‘Platform’ initiative of Widen + Kennedy, London. They commented that “we judges couldn’t believe that no one had thought of this before.” ‘Platform’ received 180 designs and selected 40 from them. I didn’t win in this prestigious event.

Can we improve the existing mosquito liquidator machines?


‘CUBIC’ is my answer to the above question.

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Teaser Campaign – Puzzles

“Wow! Looks good!” With this thought, I tossed the paper box into my bag.


I was waiting in the hospital to see an ENT doctor for an hour. Absent minded, I picked up a three fold promotional leaflet of a Cell phone company. I started playing with it by folding and re-folding the ends. After some 30 minutes, I got a neat box in my hand. I tossed the paper box into my bag and soon I forgot about it.

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