Fabien Bravin – In close encounters with nature

 Who's gonna ride your wild horses © Fabien BRAVIN

An aeronautical engineer by profession, Fabien Bravin is a macro photographer who has chosen to walk a path rarely trodden by photographers of similar interest. A self-confessed addict of macro photography, he tries to emphasize the beauty and poetry of nature in his shots. Here we are in talk with the man who has produced an array of stunning pictures.

fabien-bravian Fabien Bravin
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Technique: Macro

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Rich Gastwirt – Making Iconic Images

Rich Gastwirt Concert Photography
Only recently did I come to realize that concert photography is an art form in itself. So, as a part of my research, I typed in the name “Concert Photography” into Facebook search. There I found Rich smiling at me! In this post, Rich, who likes to call himself a Photomusicologist, describes in detail his method and style towards concert photography.

Rich Gastwirt Rich Gastwirt
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Special Mention:
2010 Billboard Magazine Ultimate Music Moment Fans’ Favorite
2009 Billboard Magazine Ultimate Music Moment Fans’ Favorite
Technique: Concert (Professional)

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James Brandon — Realistic HDR Photography

expedition everest - james brandon

My jaws dropped when I first saw this image created by James Brandon. That was my first time experiencing HDR (High Dynamic Range imaging) and it changed my perception towards photography. Here we are in conversation with the man himself.

james brandon James Brandon
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Special Mention:
Author for Digital Photography School
Editor at HDR Spotting
Technique: HDR (Professional)

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Mukul Soman – Life is in the Street

Looking back - Autorickshaw driver

Mukul Soman‘s camera captures some of the most unforgettable images from the street. A Computer science and Visual Effects graduate, he is currently working in the city of San Francisco. He freelances cinematography and photography. Even though he excels at street photography, he thinks his future lies somewhere else. Here we are in a conversation with the man of a few words.

Mukul Soman
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Published twice in Daily Dozen of National Geographic.
Won twice at Photo of the Month of Epson Fotoflock.
Technique: Street Photography (Professional)

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Phalgun P – Believer of Candid Emotions

Remya and Dheeraj Wedding - Phalgun P - cuspconcepts

Bold, beautiful and candid. Those terms define the works of the Bangalore based wedding photographer, Phalgun P.

P Phalgun - Cuspconcepts.com Phalgun P
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Special Mention: Owner of CuspConcepts.com
Technique: Wedding Photography (Professional)

What hooked my attention to the pictures were the warmth and the love that his photos conveyed. Such effort is unseen in the Indian wedding scenario. This prompted me to reach out to him to have a chit chat about his style and passion.

A lover of candid expressions, Phalgun allows his clients to choose the pictures that decorate his studio walls at CuspConcepts.

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Neeraj Menon and Soumya Jain — Mnmlstc pstrs

Minimalistic Posters

Let us play a game. Can you identify the movies from the following minimalistic posters?

Hint: This is a 2001 animated Hollywood movie that was a huge hit at the time

Hint: This is a 2010 Hindi movie that received critical acclaim

Hint: This 1984 Hollywood movie enjoys a cult status across the world.

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Enjo Mathew — Soulful Photography

Last Woman Standing - Enjo Mathew

I am intrigued by the surreal works of Enjo Mathew. Even though predominantly melancholic, every moment I spend looking at them makes me light and peaceful at heart. Being a busy-body by birth, the effect of his works on me is profound.

Enjo Mathew Enjo Mathew
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Achievement: Published works in 1x.com
Technique: Visual Art (Amateur)

A rare mix of photographic talent and surreal editing skills have made Enjo a promising prodigy in the field of visual art. This talk with him tries to get a peek into his methods, style and passion.
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Himanshu Khagta – On A Journey to Discover Reality

Travel - Himanshu Khagta

What prompts the birth of a travel photographer? For Himanshu Khagta, it is the mountains of Shimla (Himachal Pradesh, India).

Himanshu Khagta Himanshu Khagta
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Special Mention:Contributor in Femina, The International Herald Tribune and The New York Times
Technique: Travel (Professional)

The sheer richness of colors in Himanshu’s clicks attracted me. All of the images showcase the true, incredible India. Today we are in conversation with Himanshu Khagta to understand his passion and style of photography.

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Nidhin G Poothully – Fascinated by Wilderness

Angry - Nidhin G Poothully

The photo (above) called “What Treepie told Barbet” shows the caliber of the wild life photographer – Nidhin G Poothully.

nidhin g poothully Nidhin G Poothully
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Special Mention: One of the founders of the site MyTripGuide
Technique: Wildlife (Professional)

Nidhin, a web developer by profession, is a passionate wild life photographer. He excels in painting and clay modeling. A firm believer of mother nature, he has spent years in the jungle trying to portray the beauty of nature and its true subjects.

Here we are in conversation with Nidhin to understand his technique and his passion towards nature.

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Jyothy Karat – In love with ambient light

[vimeo 17980654 440 320]

The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” has never been more meaningful. The above video, made by Jyothy Karat, helped an old age home secure a firm roof above their head.

Jyothy Karat Jyothy Karat
Bio | SiteBlog | TwitterContact

Achievements :
Youngest member of Project “Unsung” spearheaded by photographer Mahesh Bhat
Participant in the Angkor Photo Workshop in Siem Reap, Cambodia
Worked as a Photo Editor at AOL India
Technique: Photo Documentary (Professional)

At a first glance, photos taken by Jyothy are deceptively simple. But they never let you to leave them behind. A lover of ambient light, she weaves magic with her camera. I had a chat with Jyothy and I tried my best to learn some of her ‘secret ingredients’ on Photography.
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