Himanshu Khagta – On A Journey to Discover Reality

Travel - Himanshu Khagta

What prompts the birth of a travel photographer? For Himanshu Khagta, it is the mountains of Shimla (Himachal Pradesh, India).

Himanshu Khagta Himanshu Khagta
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Special Mention:Contributor in Femina, The International Herald Tribune and The New York Times
Technique: Travel (Professional)

The sheer richness of colors in Himanshu’s clicks attracted me. All of the images showcase the true, incredible India. Today we are in conversation with Himanshu Khagta to understand his passion and style of photography.

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Nidhin G Poothully – Fascinated by Wilderness

Angry - Nidhin G Poothully

The photo (above) called “What Treepie told Barbet” shows the caliber of the wild life photographer – Nidhin G Poothully.

nidhin g poothully Nidhin G Poothully
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Special Mention: One of the founders of the site MyTripGuide
Technique: Wildlife (Professional)

Nidhin, a web developer by profession, is a passionate wild life photographer. He excels in painting and clay modeling. A firm believer of mother nature, he has spent years in the jungle trying to portray the beauty of nature and its true subjects.

Here we are in conversation with Nidhin to understand his technique and his passion towards nature.

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Jyothy Karat – In love with ambient light

[vimeo 17980654 440 320]

The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” has never been more meaningful. The above video, made by Jyothy Karat, helped an old age home secure a firm roof above their head.

Jyothy Karat Jyothy Karat
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Achievements :
Youngest member of Project “Unsung” spearheaded by photographer Mahesh Bhat
Participant in the Angkor Photo Workshop in Siem Reap, Cambodia
Worked as a Photo Editor at AOL India
Technique: Photo Documentary (Professional)

At a first glance, photos taken by Jyothy are deceptively simple. But they never let you to leave them behind. A lover of ambient light, she weaves magic with her camera. I had a chat with Jyothy and I tried my best to learn some of her ‘secret ingredients’ on Photography.
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Sriram Guruswamy: “I love to use natural light for Photography”

Sriram Guruswamy Portfolio

All these evocative colors are captured by a man known as Sriram Guruswamy.

Sriram Guruswamy Sriram Guruswamy
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Awards :
VFXY Weekly pick award – 26.5.2008;
Winner – TCS Shutterbug Award;
14 times featured as ‘Spotlight’ in Aminus3.com
Technique: Portraiture (Amateur)

Sriram is an IT engineer by profession who believes that photography is more than just the click of a button.  A devotee to the fine art of photography, he excels in telling a story using the stillness of life. His urge to travel to the lesser known places in India has developed his body of work over the last four to five years. An avid fan of Indian classical music, he enjoys caricaturing and is a self-confessed foodie!

I tossed a handful of questions at him to understand what makes this man click on almost every single day.
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