10 Pros Say What They Wish They’d Known about Photography

As I was reading the recent dPS article – 21 Readers Tell What they Wish They’d Known about Photography, it dawned on me that a handful of pros have already talked to us regarding what they wish they’d known. Here is a compilation of their answers.

Q. Is there anything you wish you knew when you started photographing?


Sriram Guruswamy (Style – Potrait)

I never had the luxury of a mentor or of a formal training. My Photography style is totally self-taught and it took years to get evolved. I realized late that photography is not just about capturing something that is already beautiful.
There is a bigger dimension to it as being an honest perspective into those real moments of truth depicted in an aesthetic way.

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Stock Photography – A Brief Guide

Guest Author

Barun Patro

Barun Patro is an architect and designer from Chennai, India. He is passionate about creative ideas and love digging anything that comes under design. He is also a part of a global design community called ORTAP. He loves to travel and socialize.

Off late, a lot of our friends have been asking us to tell them how do I make money online. One of the favorite ways of mine is – stock photography.

What is Stock photography?

How do I make money through Stock Photography?

Stock photography refers to a collection of photos that are available online for use to designers and individuals for free or for a nominal fee,  to be used in their design projects and presentations. It can be the picture of a ball, a chair or even the sky that people can download and use.

Sample Stock Image

For example, consider that I am writing an article on chocolates. Instead of googling up an image of a chocolate, I download stock photo of a chocolate and use it . Stock photos are licensed for such kind of use. Some sites offer them free while others offer them for a small fee which goes as royalties to the photographer .

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Fabien Bravin – In close encounters with nature

 Who's gonna ride your wild horses © Fabien BRAVIN

An aeronautical engineer by profession, Fabien Bravin is a macro photographer who has chosen to walk a path rarely trodden by photographers of similar interest. A self-confessed addict of macro photography, he tries to emphasize the beauty and poetry of nature in his shots. Here we are in talk with the man who has produced an array of stunning pictures.

fabien-bravian Fabien Bravin
Flickr | 1x | Blog

Technique: Macro

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Rich Gastwirt – Making Iconic Images

Rich Gastwirt Concert Photography
Only recently did I come to realize that concert photography is an art form in itself. So, as a part of my research, I typed in the name “Concert Photography” into Facebook search. There I found Rich smiling at me! In this post, Rich, who likes to call himself a Photomusicologist, describes in detail his method and style towards concert photography.

Rich Gastwirt Rich Gastwirt
Site | Twitter

Special Mention:
2010 Billboard Magazine Ultimate Music Moment Fans’ Favorite
2009 Billboard Magazine Ultimate Music Moment Fans’ Favorite
Technique: Concert (Professional)

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A dozen sites for Photography Inspiration – Part 2

This is the second installment in the series – “A dozen sites for Photography Inspiration” . You can find Part 1 here.

1. 500px.com


500px is a photographic community powered by creative people from all over the world that lets you share and discover inspiring photographs.

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Half A dozen Stupid things people will do after buying their first DSLR

mistakes DSLR newbies make

It is astonishing to see that newbies buying their first DSLR (including me), even after spending so much time on their research, have hit on a sequence of spending behaviours that is not exactly helping them in the long run. Here is a rundown of half a dozen of such things they we regret on later.

1. Extra battery

The battery pack that comes with the camera is an excellent unit that lasts for a reasonable amount of shots. I have used my fully charged battery on Nikon D90 for approximately 600 shots on a span of a week. Although it would make sense to buy extra battery if you are into professional business, as a newbie you will seldom find yourself actually needing any unless you trek for weeks on end in the jungles.

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James Brandon — Realistic HDR Photography

expedition everest - james brandon

My jaws dropped when I first saw this image created by James Brandon. That was my first time experiencing HDR (High Dynamic Range imaging) and it changed my perception towards photography. Here we are in conversation with the man himself.

james brandon James Brandon
AboutSite | BlogFacebook | Twitter

Special Mention:
Author for Digital Photography School
Editor at HDR Spotting
Technique: HDR (Professional)

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Mukul Soman – Life is in the Street

Looking back - Autorickshaw driver

Mukul Soman‘s camera captures some of the most unforgettable images from the street. A Computer science and Visual Effects graduate, he is currently working in the city of San Francisco. He freelances cinematography and photography. Even though he excels at street photography, he thinks his future lies somewhere else. Here we are in a conversation with the man of a few words.

Mukul Soman
AboutFlickr | Site | Facebook

Published twice in Daily Dozen of National Geographic.
Won twice at Photo of the Month of Epson Fotoflock.
Technique: Street Photography (Professional)

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Phalgun P – Believer of Candid Emotions

Remya and Dheeraj Wedding - Phalgun P - cuspconcepts

Bold, beautiful and candid. Those terms define the works of the Bangalore based wedding photographer, Phalgun P.

P Phalgun - Cuspconcepts.com Phalgun P
Flickr | Site | Facebook
Special Mention: Owner of CuspConcepts.com
Technique: Wedding Photography (Professional)

What hooked my attention to the pictures were the warmth and the love that his photos conveyed. Such effort is unseen in the Indian wedding scenario. This prompted me to reach out to him to have a chit chat about his style and passion.

A lover of candid expressions, Phalgun allows his clients to choose the pictures that decorate his studio walls at CuspConcepts.

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Enjo Mathew — Soulful Photography

Last Woman Standing - Enjo Mathew

I am intrigued by the surreal works of Enjo Mathew. Even though predominantly melancholic, every moment I spend looking at them makes me light and peaceful at heart. Being a busy-body by birth, the effect of his works on me is profound.

Enjo Mathew Enjo Mathew
Gallery | Site | Contact
Achievement: Published works in 1x.com
Technique: Visual Art (Amateur)

A rare mix of photographic talent and surreal editing skills have made Enjo a promising prodigy in the field of visual art. This talk with him tries to get a peek into his methods, style and passion.
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