Rathika Ramaswamy – Immortal frames

Rathika Ramaswamy Interview

Rathika Ramaswamy is a seasoned wild life photographer who has garnered the love and affection of the entire nation. She is the first woman wildlife photographer our country has produced.

Here we are in conversation with the photog herself who shares her knowledge and wisdom from her nine years of photographing career.

Rathika Ramaswamy Rathika Ramaswamy
Facebook | Site
Technique: Wild life (Birds)

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Design — Calendar 2012: Nature

2012Calendar_preview Nature
Here is a beautiful and pleasing 2012 Calendar for you. This calendar is titled “Nature.” The photos featured in this calendar are taken by aneeskA (FULLfx). Download links are available below. Also we are sharing the design thoughts. Don’t forget to tell us what you think of our designs as a comment.

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Design — Business Card v3.0 for antzFx

The last redesign of our antzFx business card was more than two years ago. So we decided to do a v3.0 redesign. This is the story of our design and you can download a free business card design template in PSD format too.

Click on the image for a closer view.
Blank ‘Business Card’ stock image by: Brian Lary, Madison, US

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Design – Independence Day Desktop Wallpaper Calendar 2011

On August 15, 2011 we are celebrating Indian Independence Day. To commemorate the occasion, we are releasing ‘Vande Mataram’ Desktop Calendar/Wallpaper.

Download links and a brief on the design are given below.
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Design – Year Planner 2011: Yellow

mouse eating cheese

Year Planner is a Single Sheet Calendar

“This time, we will design and print an year planner for our organization. Well, are you volunteering?”

This is my Creative Director talking to me in the last week of December, 2010. I thought: “Why not? After all, an year planner is nothing but a single sheet calendar with some boxes to write notes.”

Armed with a Google image search, I started the design.
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Design — T-shirt Calendar 2011

A creative calendar for 2011

Recently, I posted the news of my new 2011 Calendars (‘Green’ and ‘Flowers’) in the DesiCreative Forum (A popular Indian Advertising Forum). A good discussion followed about the design merits of these calendars. Although I never claimed that the designs are unique and creative, these were brought up by a couple of people. This made me to ask myself: “Can I design a creative Calendar with a ‘Wow!’ effect?”

And then…

After some hours, I came up with this unique and creative 2011 calendar.

Calendar 2011 Tshirt

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